Paper and Money

There are abounding things admired in this world. You cannot absolutely calculation them with both easily or recite them all in one speech. In our apple today what could be the a lot of admired thing? If you would ask humans you would get altered answers - ambiguous answers such as fortune, fame, love, advantage and affection and even actual things. I already asked a acquaintance and she answered money because as I quote, "With money, you accept the ability to do anything." But searching at it closely, what is money by the way but a section of either invaluable metal or cardboard with faces of asleep humans and printed numbers. What is money but paper?

The backer arrangement has heavily formed on money as their primary agency of barter anytime aback they abolished the gold accepted and replaced it with the dollar standard. And that aforementioned arrangement has pushed the accepted world's citizenry into cerebration that simple cardboard has broad amount in itself. If you accord a monkey a bread or cash, it ability just eat it and addition out that it's by itself uneatable, will bandy it at you. If you go aback in time to the archaic time if cardboard still doesn't exist, bringing banknote would absolutely accompany you no benefit. If I were a coffer bandit I wouldn't abduct that bank's banknote but I'd accomplish abiding I get to abduct from their gold reserves. Just a bar of gold amount added than a bag abounding of money and anywhere you go, if you present a being with gold archaic or modern, he or she would absolutely comply. Even assertive animals assume to amount gold, argent and precious stones but what is cardboard to them but trash?

There hasn't been a being I know, me included, whose activity isn't dictated by money. Maybe that's why it is apparent as the a lot of admired acceptable and awful admired by a lot of humans of altered races. Searching at the way the apple works today it is aberration to say that one can reside a appropriate activity after accepting any money. It is even a bigger aberration to say that one can reside at all after any money. Today, aggregate is about money. The already chargeless things that humans by itself adore are now for sale. The basal needs of man such as food, water, accouterment and apartment are withheld from accessible use and are broadcast by agency of trade. Anyone who has apparent the cine 2012 could chronicle to the arena area tickets to a abode on the address and to adaptation itself are priced and awash abandoned to those who accept the money to allow it. But if the apple gets abounding and aggregate disappears, is money still valuable. If aggregate is lost, will humans assuredly apprehend that one cannot eat paper?

Money has accustomed us a lot of acceptable things in activity but it has aswell become a acumen for petty crimes such as hold-ups and robbery even murder. If we let money, which is abandoned paper, behest our accomplished lives we become acquisitive abundant to no best affliction whom we hurt, abduct or bankrupt rights from and we apart our humanity, to what - to paper. How funny the apple has become, don't you think? We charge money, yes. But to reside for money alone, do you still calculation yourself as animal then?