Should You Still Invest in Gold?

Invest in Gold. Still a Smart Move for Your Portfolio

Wow, addition admonition to advance in gold! is advertisement that India will use gold to buy oil from Iran. India spends about $12 billion dollars a year to buy oil from Iran. China is accepted to use gold as the assemblage of bill to buy oil from Iran as well.

So what does that mean? India and China accept absolutely absent acceptance in the dollar and the euro. India and China are growing faster than the U.S. and are the engines of this new all-around economy. They accept way added access in the all-around abridgement than they did just a few years ago.

As Bob Dylan would say, "the times they are a changing." You may wish to advance in gold for your investment portfolio and if you already own gold, you may wish to altercate this with your banking advisor. Most banking admiral acclaim an allocation amid 5-15% of gold. An simple way to advance in gold is to buy it through an exchanged traded fund. Go actuality for added details.

What are the affidavit to advance in gold? (or buy more)

* You anticipate the dollar will abide to devalue.

* You are anxious about the U.S. press money to get out of recession/slow growth.

* You are anxious that aggrandizement is traveling to appear aback big time.

* You are afraid that Greece will absence or that things in Europe will get worse.

* You anticipate there is a adventitious that the euro will cheapen added or just go away. You are aswell anxious that the Europeans will book money to get out of their own recession.

As I address this, gold is at $1,665 an ounce. It has been up 10 years in a row. So, you charge to ask yourself how abundant of this abrogating account in the apple is already factored into gold stocks? That agency you may be affairs gold at a high. If you anticipate there is added abrogating account to follow, again you charge to advance in gold.

Oh, and one added affair about whether to advance in gold. Historically, gold has not been activated to stocks. In added words, whatever has happened to stocks has had little appulse on the amount of gold.

Keep in apperception that this is accepted advice. You charge to accept your altruism for risk. Gold should not be the alone investment in your portfolio. Gold can go down and you can lose money. Use it as a barrier adjoin your added investments.